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Related article: Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2001 10:36:35 -0400 From: Dave 2.0 Subject: After School Relief (highschool)+--GENERIC DISCLAIMER------------------------------------+ |This story contains sexual content between two men. If | |this offends you, you are a minor, or it is otherwise | |illegal for you to read this, then don't read it. This | |is your warning. | ---------------------------------------------------------+Hello reader,I have to honestly say that I wasn't expecting so much feedback on my first story. I got a ton of positive feedback. I've been trying to reply to it all but I've probably missed a couple. My apologies!Here's a second story. Like the first, the sex part never happened but it is based on people i knew. I hope you enjoy it! Keep the feedback coming, it is what inspires me to keep writing - whether positive or negative, i can get better from it.Thanks, Dave- - - After School Relief - - - There's nothing I hate more than having to stay after school for something little, like making up a test, that only takes five minutes. You end up staying after for two hours to catch the late bus for those five minutes. Friday afternoon I had a Probability and Statistics test to make up from being absent. It's my eighth period class and the teacher was giving a lecture - so naturally I was sitting there fighting off sleep, trying to at least pretend to be attentive. The last five minutes of class dragged on for what seemed like an hour and the bell was no comfort. I had to bomb a test *and* face two hours of absolute boredom. Things couldn't get worse. I rushed through my test (not hard since I didn't know the material), listened to short speech from my teacher about my lack of ambition in his class, and left to the cafeteria where most people hung out after school. Hopefully there would be a good crowd there today. When I got there, though, I didn't see a single person I knew. I sighed, resigned to my fate, and sat down to do my Italian homework. I might as well have got something done - I sure as hell wouldn't do it at home. I was almost finished when someone sat across from me at the table. "Hey Dave, what's up?" I glanced up to see my buddy Kevin. I met him one day when I had to stay after and I basically only saw him on those days. He was always after for Wrestling practice, though usually by now he was in locker room preparing. He had flat, light brown hair and playful blue eyes. He was a tad pale and kinda short, coming a head below me. Then again, being six foot one, I rarely meet people taller then me. "Hey. Nothing much, you? What, no voyeur practice today?" I always liked to Free Lolita Tgp tease Kev about wrestling - that's how we became friends really. One day he was sitting at a table near me and my friends when someone mentioned wrestling practice to him. He seemed kinda down and sad, so I wanted to cheer him up. I jumped on the opportunity to mock a sport involving guys pressing their bodies against eachother trying to dominate one another. This got him in quite a joking mood. I had the sneaking suspicion that he was gay, although he knew I was and never said anything. He just smirked and shook his head. "I thought there was but it got canceled. Now I'm stuck here for two hours. Wanna go find something to do?" "I know exactly what you mean about being bored. Well, if you want we can always go thrust our bodies against eachother. I'm no wrestler but I like a good male orgy when I can get one." He snickered. "Who knows, one day I may take you up on that," he said cryptically. He was always saying weird stuff like that to make me think he meant it, but he would always change the subject and never act on it. "Come down the computer rooms with me. I got some emulated games on my login." I shrugged. "Nothing better to do, that's for sure." I walked with him down the hallways to the labs. Apparently he'd gotten a Super NES emulator on his school computer account with some classics like Mario and Zelda. We took turns playing mario, trading off at each death, for about an hour. Half an hour to go. Maybe it wasn't so bad after all, with some good company around. He sat down to play Zelda for awhile with my help, since I'd finished the game a long time ago and he was stuck on some parts. We chatted idly for awhile and our conversation constantly drifted back to sex, although mainly just comically, when I'd make some allusion to wrestling. Once, in the game, when he was trying to push a bush from above, he pointed out that it looked an awful lot like link was trying to hump the thing. The scary part was, it did. "Damn Kev, even I didn't notice that one," I said. It was pretty funny to look at and we were getting some laughs out of it. When he went at it from the other direction it looked like his character was jerking off into the bush. "He shoots his wad into bushes with other guys standing around," I said. "Prime candidate for the wrestling team." Kevin smirked. "I wish I could just get it off anytime." "It can't be that hard. There's always some place Free Lolita Tgp private." "Oh, and where would that be?" "You could always find an empty room in the construction area," I said jokingly. Our school was adding a new wing for extra class rooms, which was still empty and supposedly off limits. "Hmmm, that actually doesn't sound too bad at the moment." He started to save the game and rubbed at his crotch blatantly. "You serious? Wow. Have fun." He pouted, his blue eyes shining devilishly. "Aww, you always said you wanted to watch. Don't you wanna get some meat wrestling in?" I shrugged and said sure. I wasn't sure if he was being serious or not - I was starting to get kinda nervous but I figured he was just playing around, finding something to waste the time. We left the computer lab and headed over to the courtyard where the construction began. Most of the workers were gone for late lunch breaks so we got in with no problem. Most of the halls and class rooms were finished in this section. "Hmm," I said, "It's all done here. I wonder why they haven't opened it yet." "I dunno," Kevin shrugged. "Let's find someplace quiet, I need some relief." After walking for a minute or so we came across one of the bathrooms. Kevin walked in casually. I looked down the hall to make sure none of the workers were around and then followed after. There were a few urinals against the lefthand wall and two stalls. The opposite wall was lined with sinks. Kevin walked up to one of the urinals and unzipped slowly, turning his head to see what I was doing. I walked up to the urinal next to him and fumbled to unzip my pants. I wanted to steal a glance at him but my fear was fighting back hard. Finally I noticed him looking over at me, so I looked back at him. When our eyes met he turned back to face the wall, so I used the opportunity to steal a glance down. Instead of pulling out his dick to pee, he slid his hand into his jeans and started to rub himself slowly. I looked down and rubbed at my dick through my boxers. He looked over at my crotch. "How long does Free Lolita Tgp it get?" "I dunno," I lied. "I've never measured it." 5 and 3/4, I knew. He seemed geniunely suprised. "I thought every guy measured his dick." "How long is yours?" He grinned. "You first." "I told you, I dunno." "So get it out and we'll compare." My heart skipped a beat. "Well, i'm not fully hard yet." I was halfway there but it probably wouldn't take much more to finish - or rather, to start - the job. "Neither am I," he said. He turned a bit toward me to offer me a better view. He was pulling at the front of his white briefs. He opened the holes in the front and pulled out his dick. It was half hard, about three inches maybe, and hung not quite limp. He took it in his hand and stroked it once or twice. Then he let go and thrust his hips out a bit, just letting it hang there. "Your turn," he said, grinning, motioning towards my crotch. I was wearing a pair of boxers so I had much easier access. I opened the front flap fully and pulled out my cock, now almost fully hard. My balls hung out the front of my jeans. "Geez," he murmered softly. "You got a big sack." He tucked his dick back into his briefs and pulled down the front, letting his balls out too. They were a good match for his dick, though a bit smaller then mine. He started to reach his hand over and I stood paralyzed as he cupped my balls in his hand. Free Lolita Tgp His hand was warm and felt awesome. He lifted my sack a bit and cupped his own balls in his other hand to compare. "They're huge man!" "Uh, thanks," I said. We both chuckled. My cock has risen to full attention now. It ached for some attention. "Looks like you're hard now," he said and started to stroke himself, still holding my balls in his hand. Then, a moment I still remember vividly, he slid his hand up from my balls and grasped my cock in his hand. As his warm hand brushed against my boner it sent a wave of new sensation through me that almost made me want to blow a load right there. He moved right up in front of me and held our cocks together. His was fully hard now and about half an inch longer then mine. "Not bad," he said. "Mines almost 6 and a half so you're probably around a six." Being short made his cock seem longer and all the more impressive. I definately wanted to touch it. He ran his hand along our shafts, jerking me off along with himself. I was beyond fear at this point and completely turned on to his hand on my cock. I rubbed his balls and started to feel him up. His cock was hot and completely stiff against my hand, twitching occasionally as I stroked it. Suddenly he backed away and walked into one of the stalls, letting his cock stick out free as he walked. I stepped into the stall and locked it. When I turned around he had closed the lid of the toilet and was sitting on it with his pants and briefs around his ankles, cock sticking up surrounded by light brown hairs. I took his cock in hand again and started jerking him off. He grabbed my own rod and did the same, occasionally stopping to rub his thumb against the shaft. I moaned as he rubbed and I forgot about his cock in my hand. He knew he'd found my weak spot. He held my Free Lolita Tgp cock still in one hand and started to rub my balls with the other. I began working him again and leaned back my head in tension. Just then, I felt his tongue against my shaft, warm and slick, rubbing up perfectly against the spot. I gasped air in through clenched teeth and shuddered. I felt his lips against the head of my cock and put my hands against the back of his head. His lips parted and he sucked my pole into his mouth slowly, swirling his tongue around the head before moving down the shaft. He knew exactly what he was doing - he had my entire cock in his mouth first try, the head pressing against the back of his mouth, and began to pump my rod in and out of his mouth, grabbing my ass through my jeans with one hand and jerking himself with the other. I started to use my hands to make him suck faster, the feel of his tongue against my cock driving me crazy. I felt him curl his tongue against my sensative spot and I let out a low groan, releasing his head. My balls drew up and I felt the pleasure filling up my shaft. "I - I'm gunna... cum," I managed to blurt out between shudders. He took my shaft into his mouth again and then withdrew to the head, running his tongue along the underside eagerly. An explosion of pleasure erupted from my cock and ran through my body as I released my cum into his mouth. He moved back and sucked at the head, using his tongue to coax out another shot - and another and another and another - then swallowed it and nursed my cock as my remaining cum dribbled out against his tongue. I grabbed his shoulders to brace myself as I felt my orgasm subsiding. I looked down and saw his hand still jerking his softening rod, now covered in his own cum. "Oh god... man, Kevin, that was awesome." He just kept my cock in his mouth, licking it over as it slowly softened up. When he finally released it, I knelt down and licked up the cum from his cock, taking it into my mouth to make sure I got every drop. Finally we stood and zipped up again. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine, his tongue resting against my lips. I sucked it in gently, letting him kiss me deeply and then returning the kiss tentatively. We made out for what must have been at least five minutes before we parted. "Glad you enjoyed it," he said. "Who knows... hopefully one day I can return the favor." He grinned at me eagerly. "We got all weekend, if you wanna come over to my house tonight." That was an invitation I would definitely not pass up.
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